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Winter Wonderland


Inspired by a romantic winter night, this runway set took place on November 14, 2019 at Jefferson Clinton Hotel in Syracuse, NY​

"The night was in January, 2018. I was in a really dark place personally, and I escaped it in what us city folk would call a cabin in the woods in Unadilla, NY. One night, at about 3am, the girl I was with was asleep upstairs so I went outside for a smoke before bed. Now, us city folks are used to winter nights with a yellow filter. Our vision obstructed by the city's light pollution. But out there in the middle of no where, the sky was blue, lit only by the moon, with snow clouds glittering in a turquoise hue while sparkling white snow fell to the ground, the impacts audible in the remote silence. In the distance, only a creeping darkness of the forest. As I stood there, wishing I had my camera but knowing it couldn't do it justice, I watched two white foxes play in the snow in front of the cabin, noticing me but unaffected by my presence. The smell of the wood burning stove was the only thing that gave hint to a human existence. It was pure serenity in a time I needed it the most. And it still finds a place in my heart today."

In this set, John Harris hand-dyed the fabric, screen printed the shirts, and constructed every article of clothing and each piece of jewelry to share details from that winter night.

MAKEUP: Deanna Iadanza, Diana Sleiertin, and Katy Dombroski of Raven Haven
MODELS: Gianni Varela, Skylar Harwick, Stephanie Hopman, Cat Commisso, Andrea Canale, Kitana Dumars
MUSIC: Maroon 5 - One More Night
PHOTOS: Kitana Dumars, Diana Sleiertin, Wendy Ellen, Stephanie Hopman, Lepore Designs

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