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"I've known John for a few years now and all I can say is that every piece he makes is more breathtaking than the last! He designed a ring and necklace for me without even meeting me face to face and just killed it!!!"
-Freddy Herrera
Bassist, Everclear
"JPHii Design's jewelry is very unique. Aboriginal yet modern. A perfect blend of past and present. As if an artisan of ancient times was thrust into 2017 and taught how to use modern metal working tools. Each new design is better than the last. I, for one, can't wait to see what they come up with next".
-Beautivation  Magazine
"I'm not a jewelry person but a huge horror fan so everything about this flesh ring is freaking perfect. If you like the flesh ring, it is even cooler in person. Also, John's customer service is 110 percent. He answered all my questions upfront, let me know the status of the ring, and when ready to ship. The flesh ring fits perfect and fast shipping too! My bride and I are extremely happy with the purchase of this flesh ring for our wedding day. Thank you John! You and your custom jewelry are awesome. I love it! Seriously, THANK YOU!"
-Corey from Etsy
"Not only was my engagement ring custom made by John (with ideas from my fiance'), but we also had him make custom wedding bands as well. Very happy with all three of our purchases! Great communication every step of the way. He really works hard to make sure that you are happy with your jewelry. For the record, I am very hard on my hands, my engagement ring has held up very well. Both of our bands look very sturdy. I highly recommend him, I have been telling so many people about him :)"
-Kurtlyn B from Etsy
"I'm so happy with my ring. I've worn it every day since it got here last year, and it has held up to some serious work. It's still shiny and beautiful and I don't have to clean it very often at all. I'm confident I will be able to continue wearing it daily for life. I couldn't be more satsfied with the effort put into perfecting every detail and the quality overall. Also, it was nice to recieve a card around Christmas from you! Great idea!"
- Julie P from Custom Made
"I could not be happier! Working with someone via email states away you would imagine would be difficult. However, these guys made it a breeze. Great communication, wonderful ideas, extremely knowledgable, artistic and fast production and shipping! Would highly recommend this company to anyone!"
-Nicole G from Custom Made
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