Photo Shoots

JPHii has done a wide array of photo shoots for publication in magazines and online

Swamp Siren

The magic siren rises from the swamp to seduce. Photos, Jewelry, and Fashion by John Harris. Featuring Risa Fox as model, mua, and hair stylist. Appearing in No. 13 Sainteight Magazine August, 2021

Ice Ninja

In the frozen tundra, one ninja survives the barren wastelands. Photos, fashion, and jewelry by John Harris. Featuring Gia Delmoral. Hair by Meghan Haegerty. Featured in issue AD of Rebel Magazine, March, 2021

Patient Earth

After a long fall, the fox Spirit searches through the snowy winter to find hints of Spring. Photos, fashion, and jewelry by John Harris. Retouching by Amelia Wysocki. Featuring Andrea Canale with makeup by Katie Hanczyk. Featured in Issue 8 Volume 2 of 17:23 Magazine, March 2021

Love Hurts

Appearing in February Vol 5 of Feroce Magazine featuring models Hali Wayne, Giacinta Vampira, and Shawn Hext with Hair Stylist Meghan Heagerty, Photography by Nox Images, and Jewelry, Fashion, and Set Design by John Harris with special assistance from Glendon Allen and Marina Giraud

Rave Shaman

Appearing in MALVIE Magazine The Artist Edition Vol 110 January 2021 featuring model Loren Elizabeth, MUA Kristine Knittle, Hair stylist Meghan Heagerty, with jewelry, fashion, and photography by John Harris

Ice Magick

Featured on the cover of Issue 18 Volume 16 of Horizont Magazine, Ice Magick features model Danielle Sperato, MUA Hannah Iozzia, Hair stylist Meghan Heagerty, with set help from Nick and Stephanie Hopman. Jewelry, fashion, and photography by John Harris, Retouch by Amelia Wysocki

Morgan Hill 2018-2020

During an expedition to Morgan Hill State forest in Fabius, NY, John Harris took a selection of photos to show off the beauty of the natural environment.

Evolution: Andrea

Shot in the Autumn foliage of Morgan Hill state forest, magick is brewing​

Photos by John Harris
MUA: Katie Hanczyk at Innovations in Liverpool, NY
Featuring: Dark Magick Skirt, Dark Magick Armor

Evolution: Margot

A beautiful summer shoot in the city of Syracuse with special thanks to Midnight Sun Armory Square​

Photos by John Harris and Risa Fox
MUA and Model: Margot Morse of Unremorseful Art
Featuring: Expression Bandeau, Ritual Jacket, Ritual Pants

Evolution: Risa

In the swamps surrounding Frightmare Farms in Palermo, NY, fashion evolves.​

Photos by John Harris and Glendon Allen
MUA and Model: Risa Fox
Featuring: Expression Bandeau, Ritual Jacket, Ritual Pants


To shed light on depression and bring awareness to suicide prevention, this shoot is purposefully dark and right to the point.

Photo by John Harris
MUA and Model: Jena Lukacs
Shot at Frightmare Farms

Beard Anchors

Beard Anchors are a unique creation by JPHii DESIGN that allows any bearded gent to decorate his beard with incredibly detailed jewelry!

Models: Ross Quinn and Kevin Brite

Tame your mane with JPHii DESIGN's BEARD ANCHORS!


During an expedition to the virgin forests of the Temagami region of Ontario, John Harris tried to show the beauty of the untouched lands.

Reclaimed: Love is Love

Reclaimed has become an incredibly popular line of engagement rings by JPHii DESIGN.

Love is Love

This shoot was done at Frightmare Farms in Palermo, NY to promote the Reclaimed line and appeared in the September 2017 issue of Witch Way Magazine.

Photography: John Harris
Models: Shaina & Melissa Saporito

Life Totems: Angel or Demon

In this photo shoot to promote Life Totems, JPHii DESIGN emphasizes how every decision is a story

Featuring model Aryn Fitzgerald
Makeup by Lindsay Rae, Fashion and Accessories by John Harris
Photos by John Harris and Blake Condolora

Winter Wonderland

In the frozen northern environment, beauty shines through like a precious gemstone.

MUA: Amanda Burton
Fashion and Jewelry: John Harris
Location: Frightmare Farms, Palermo, NY

Featuring model Fatema Jahan


A fallen culture shows its roots in an ancient swamp...
Featuring makeup by Amanda Burton
(As seen in issue 43 of Gorgeous Freaks Magazine)

Featuring model Bethany Gratien

Winter Warrior

Winter can be rough on any living creature...That's why they must work together to survive.

Featuring makeup by Emilie Zagon

(As seen in issue 6 of Strange Beauty Magazine)
Featuring model Natale Nostra

Native Scouts

In the depths of the deciduous forests of Central Pennsylvania, two scouts venture out to find a new home.
These photos were taken at Bald Eagle Campsites and in the depths of Indian Caverns.

Featuring fashion by John Harris and Emilie Zagon with jewelry by John Harris, Willis Dudley, and Natasha Horeth

Featuring models Natasha Elaine Horeth and Lenny Wlodarczyk

Science of Ca'Dio

The Science of Ca'Dio is the story of love lost and hope restored!
Set in the post-apocalyptic future city of Ca'Dio, the Science of Ca'Dio is a stage performance based on the book The True Survivors: A Journey into Lamellain Culture by John Harris and features a full soundtrack written by Razbaque Dirge.

Mad Scientist: Sean Sanders, Seamstress: Rebecca Cannizzaro, Engineer: Julia Winnie, Scrapper: Sophie Corwin, Narrator: Matthew Welsh, Stage Clown: Tim Ellison, Stage Manager: Aryn Fitzgerald

Music by Razbaque Dirge
Written and directed by John Harris

Vintage Cymbals

Living like a rockstar means dressing like one. Dressing like one means having the right jewelry. A Cymbal as A Symbol is a line of jewelry created by JPHii DESIGN in 2011 using broken drum cymbals to create unique pieces of wearable art. Trash becomes treasure in this line used to raise money for charity!

Featuring makeup by Amanda Koeppel
Featuring models Aryn Fitzgerald, Rebecca Rose, and Sean Sanders
(Featured in issue 41 of Gorgeous Freaks Magazine)


The darkness of the night and the beauty of death show the battle between the vampire and her slayer.
This photo shoot was done to promote the 2014 Witches Ball, the largest Halloween event in Western New York

Featuring makeup by Emilie Zagon

Featuring model Natasha Elaine Horeth and Stephen Buonann

Rock City

The following photographs were taken in Little Rock City in Ellicottville, NY.
The beautiful jungle-like scenery supports and reinforces the tribal design of the Primal Roots collection. The photos are thanks to RKW Photography, and a special thanks goes out to The Tamarack Club at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, NY.

Featuring models Aryn Fitzgerald, Enya Patterson, Ingrid Luongo, and Lenny Wlodarczyk

Lafayette Primal Roots

High above the city of Buffalo, the historic Hotel Lafayette gives a scene of urban beauty.
A special thanks to Hotel @Lafayette

Featuring model Natasha Elaine Horeth

Royalton Mill

In the beautiful Lockport, NY, ruins of old buildings litter the forests where they have been reclaimed by nature. This location is the perfect blend between nature and civilization, showing the versatility of the Primal Roots collection.
Photos by John Harris

Featuring model Troia Boone


With a taste of the future, the stark contrast of this implied nude shoot fit right at home in Issue 33 of Gorgeous Freaks Magazine

Featuring makeup by John Harris and Emilie Zagon

Featuring model Troia Boone

Wild Spirit

The following are photographs taken at Wild Spirit Education in Delevan, NY. The jewelry was made by JPHii DESIGN as well as some of the fashion. Other fashion was done by Emilie Zagon, leather masks were done by Merimask, and makeup was done by Jodie McGuire

​Shot by Shawn Wright and Richard C. Hapeman, this shoot features incredible birds of prey from Wild Spirit Education alongside models Natasha Elaine Horeth, Ingrid Luongo, Lenny Wlodarczyk, and Nathan Rogers with jewelry from the Mycelium Collection and Primal Roots line and fashion by Emilie Zagon and John Harris with makeup by Jodie McGuire and masks by Merimask
(Featured in issue 27 of Gorgeous Freaks Magazine)

Doe Shaman and Fawn Nymph

Shot by John Harris, the Doe Shaman and Fawn Nymph characters are designed by John Harris and Emilie Zagon to be the defenders of the forest and protectors of nature. The Doe Shaman was shot in two separate shoots, the first featuring Natasha Elaine Horeth, the second featuring Troia Boone. The Fawn Nymph is played by Aryn Fitzgerald. Both characters have latex prosthetics created and applied by John
Harris with fashion by John Harris and Emilie Zagon along with accessories by Willis Dudley (Featured in issue 25 of Gorgeous Freaks Magazine)


The Mycelium Collection is inspired by the mycelium of mushrooms and the gorgeous, yet organic, patterns that it develops.

Photography: John Harris
Model: Natasha Elaine

Mycelium Couple

The Mycelium Collection is inspired by the mycelium of mushrooms and the gorgeous, yet organic, patterns that it develops.

This shoot was done at Holiday Valley resort with assistance from Natasha Elaine Horeth and Jim Niwinski. It also features flowers by Dick Miller Florist. Fashion by Omi Rodriguez at Sai One.

Photography: Shawn Wright
Models: Cal Hudson and Elise Lazickas