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JPHii DESIGN was founded in 2010 by musician and jewelry designer John Harris. As a graduate of Buffalo State College's Jewelry/Metals design program, Harris furthered his creative inspiration by receiving a degree in Anthropology. In 2012, JPHii DESIGN ranked in the Top 10 independent jewelry design firms according to Halstead, and ranked in the Top 5 in 2013 and 2014. 

JPHii DESIGN started doing runway shows in 2010 working with fashion designers to create cohesive jewelry collections to accent their designs. In 2015, John Harris started producing runway fashion to emphasize his jewelry, and started developing an aesthetic that combined gothic and tribal features.

In 2017, JPHii DESIGN shut down for a two-year hiatus. In 2019, Harris was

approached by Syracuse Fashion Week to do a runway set inspired by early 2000s

fashion, and Harris took the opportunity to re-approach his love for gothic fashion.

Now, returning to the scene, JPHii DESIGN is offering made-to-order jewelry and

fashion, giving customers the chance to have custom-designed jewelry that is as

unique as they are

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