Syracuse Fashion Week: Syracuse Snarl: Mythological Monsters
JPHii DESIGN was a special feature in Syracuse Snarl, the annual Halloween-inspired runway show by Syracuse Fashion Week. This event took place at the Landmark Theater, and JPHii's theme was Celtic corruption.
MAKEUP: Jen Weinheimer, Diana Sleiertin, and Katy Dombroski of Raven Haven
MODELS: Kevin Brite, Kimberly Rossi, Emma Hill, Maggie Morse, Misse Thomas, Samantha Cromlin, Shawn Hext, and Dan Macchio
MUSIC: What Happens Next? (Instrumental) by John Harris
PHOTOS: Blake Condolora, Dennis Fernando, Azure Eyes Misse Thomas, Lucas Adrian
There have been a number of articles on the 2018 Syracuse Snarl show featuring designer John Harris and JPHii DESIGN
Syracuse New Times
CNY Alive
Video by Randy Zaborowski
Live feed from the event by Dennis Fernando

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November 15, 2019


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