T h e   S c i e n c e   o f   C a ' D i o

The Science of Ca'Dio is the story of love lost and hope restored!

Set in the post-apocalyptic future city of Ca'Dio, the Science of Ca'Dio is a stage performance based on the book The True Survivors: A Journey into Lamellain Culture by John Harris and features a full soundtrack written by Razbaque Dirge.

The Science of Ca'Dio
Mad Scientist: Sean Sanders
Seamstress: Rebecca Cannizzaro
Engineer: Julia Winnie
Scrapper: Sophie Corwin
Narrator: Matthew Welsh
Stage Clown: Tim Ellison
Stage Manager: Aryn Fitzgerald

Music by Razbaque Dirge
Written and directed by John Harris

Sean Sanders: The Mad Scientist
Aryn Fitzgerald: The Stage Manager
The Stage Crew
Matthew Welsh: The Narrator
Sophie Corwin: The Scrapper
Tim Ellison: The Stage Hand
Sean Sanders: The Mad Scientist
Rebecca Rose: The Seamstress
Julia Winnie: The Engineer
Matthew Welsh: The Narrator

Last updated:

November 15, 2019


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