Over the years, JPHii DESIGN has appeared in runway shows across the country. Since 2015, JPHii DESIGN has become a staple in Syracuse Fashion Week, but has been in runway shows since 2012. JPHii DESIGN's evolution on the runway is precisely why John Harris has brought fashion into the company.
W I N T E R   W O N D E R L A ND   2 0 1 9
JPHii DESIGN at the Syracuse Fashion Week Winter Wonderland depicting a romantic winter night
S Y R A C U S E    S N A R L   2 0 1 9
JPHii DESIGN at the Syracuse Fashion Week Syracuse Snarl with the theme of "Voodoo Doll"
U N D E R G R O U N D   2 0 1 9
JPHii DESIGN at the Syracuse Fashion Week Underground Show with the theme of early 2000s goth fashion.
S Y R A C U S E   S N A R L   2 0 1 8
JPHii DESIGN at the Syracuse Snarl at Landmark Theater with the Mythological monsters theme. JPHii DESIGN focused on Celtic mythology and the corruption of it.
JPHii DESIGN shows fashion and jewelry in a unique runway set at Empire Farm Brewery that 
is inspired by post-apocalyptic design and environmental protection.
JPHii DESIGN teaming up with SHAMONK at the Barnes Hiscock Mansion in Syracuse, NY as part of a fund raiser inspired by Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. JPHii DESIGN made two characters: Dr. Finklestein and the Mayor.
S Y R A C U S E   S N A R L   2 0 1 6
JPHii DESIGN on the runway with Syracuse Fashion Week for Syracuse Snarl: Fractured Fairy Tales. JPHii DESIGN's section was inspired by the tale of Aladdin.
L I F E   T O T E M S   R u n w a y
As a featured part of Syracuse Fashion Week 2016, JPHii DESIGN was featured in the Underground Show with fashion inspired by Life Totems
John Harris of JPHii DESIGN teamed up with Sai One to put together a live performance and runway set at High-Temp Fabrication in July, 2013 in Buffalo, NY
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