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Farm Fresh Fashion


From JPHii DESIGN's set in the Syracuse Fashion Week show Farm Fresh Fashion at Empire Farm Brewery in Cazenovia, NY, this set emphasizes the importance of environmental protection through post-apocalyptic design.
With makeup by Amanda Burton, this runway set features jewelry, fashion, and accessories by JPHii DESIGN. It also features some fashion by Charlie Crouse and Ezmira Neshawait who became part of JPHii DESIGN's set through a collaborative effort between JPHii DESIGN and Cazenovia College.

Taylor Porter, Maria Friend, Abby Burton, Gianni Varela, Jessica Cost, Kevin Brite, Dorese Fleury, Ross Quinn, Keely Whipple, Jon Page, Michaela Snook, Iron Flanders

MAKEUP: Amanda Burton
COSTUME DESIGN: John Harris, Ezmira Neshawait, Charlie Crouse
LOCATION: Empire Farm Brewery
Special Thanks: Christopher Graham, Rosalie Whipple, Michele Rogola, Judy Burton, Lisa Butler, Joe Grosevent, A Perfect Circle, Fightmare Farms, Brae Loch Inn

Fittings were done at Frightmare Farms in Palermo, NY and model prep was done at the historic Brae Loch Inn

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