Since 2010, JPHii DESIGN has done a number of amazing photo shoots that have appeared in numerous national and international publications and have features some of the most talented models, photographers, and make-up artists.
Below is a selection of galleries showing some of the best photo shoots that JPHii DESIGN has done!
J P H i i    E V O L U T I O N :   A n d r e a   C a n a l e
Dark magick brews in the Autumn foliage of Morgan Hill state forest
J P H i i    E V O L U T I O N :   M a r g o t   M o r s e
Showing off the evolution of JPHii DESIGN, this shoot emphasizes fashion and jewelry with the incredible talents of Margot Morse
J P H i i    E V O L U T I O N :   R i s a   F o x
Showing off the evolution of JPHii DESIGN, this shoot emphasizes fashion and jewelry with the incredible talents of Risa Fox
H e a r t l e s s
A purposefully dark shoot that sheds a light on depression and brings awareness to suicide prevention.
M o r g a n   H i l l
Showing off the beauty of nature in Fabius, NY, this is a selection of photos from Morgan Hill State Forest.
T e m a g a m i
During an expedition to the virgin forests of the Temagami region of Ontario, John Harris tried to show the beauty of the untouched lands.
B E A R D    A N C H O R S
The new line of beard jewelry by JPHii DESIGN, this photo shoot features Ross Quinn and Kevin Brite at Stout Brewery in Syracuse, NY
R E C L A I M E D   C O U P L E
The widely popular engagement line Reclaimed with models Shaina & Melissa Saporito shot at Frightmare Farms in Palermo, NY.
W I N T E R    W O N D E R L A N D
In the great frozen north, beauty shines through the snow like a gemstone. Featuring model Fatima Jahan, this shoot shows the exotic beauty of Reclaimed
F L E S H    M A G I C K
Frankenstein Flesh Rings have become the most popular line by JPHii DESIGN. Set in a dark apothecary shop, even the darkest magick can't sway the allure of flesh! 
Photo shoot by John Harris and Blake Condolora of SHAMONK featuring Aryn Fitzgerald and makeup by Lindsay Rae to promote LIFE TOTEMS
A B A N D O N E D   3 1 5
The new artistic venture between John Harris and Blake Condolora focusing on the beauty of abandoned buildings in Central New York.
L I F E   T O T E M S : T r i b e
The models of the Syracuse Fashion Week Life Totems Runway set pose in preparation of the runway to promote Life Totems.
F R I G H T M A R E   F A R M S
Shot by John Harris as a promotional shoot for Frightmare Farms.

A N C I E N T   S w a m p
Shot by John Harris with makeup by Amanda Burton and featuring Bethany Gratien. Shot at Frightmare Farms.
(Featured in issue 44 of Gorgeous Freaks Magazine)
R o c k s t a r
Shot by John Harris with makeup by Amanda Koeppel, this shoot focuses on the rockstar nature of the A Cymbal as a Symbol line for 
charity! This shoot features Aryn FitzgeraldRebecca Rose, and Sean Sanders
(Featured in issue 41 of Gorgeous Freaks Magazine)

W h i t e   S h o o t
Shot by John Harris with makeup and fashion by Emilie Zagon. Featuring Natale Nostra.
(Featured in issue 6 of Strange Beauty Magazine)

N a t i v e   S c o u t s
Shot by John Harris in Tyrone, PA at Bald Eagle Campsites and Indian Cavern featuring models Natasha Elaine Horeth and Lenny Wlodarczyk featuring fashion and makeup by Emilie Zagon 
and jewelry by John Harris, Willis Dudley, and Natasha Elaine Horeth.

Shot by John Harris with makeup by Emilie Zagon, this shoot shows the beauty of death and the darkness of night. Featuring models Natasha Elain Horeth and Stephen Buonanno.
(Featured in numerous Halloween advertisements)
L a f a y e t t e
Shot by John Harris at the historic Hotel Lafayette in Buffalo, NY with model Natasha Elaine Horeth and featuring jewelry from the 
Primal Roots line.

L o c k p o r t    R u i n s
Shot by John Harris in Lockport, NY, this shoot features model Troia Boone along with jewelry from the Primal Roots line and makeup by Emilie Zagon

C y b o r g
Shot by John Harris for use in the implied nude edition of Gorgeous Freaks Magazine, this shoot features model Troia Boone and makeup by Emilie Zagon and John Harris
(Featured in issue 33 of Gorgeous Freaks Magazine)

R o c k   C i t y
Shot by RKW Photography in Ellicottville, NY, this shoot is a promotional shoot for the Primal Roots line featuring Lenny Wlodarczyk, Ingrid Luongo, Enya Patterson, and Aryn Fitzgerald with 
makeup by Emilie Zagon and fashion and jewelry by John Harris. Portions of this shoot were shot at Holiday Valley Resort
(Featured in issue 32 of Gorgeous Freaks Magazine)

W i l d   S p i r i t
Shot by Shawn Wright and Richard C. Hapeman, this shoot features incredible birds of prey from Wild Spirit Education alongside models Natasha Elaine Horeth, Ingrid Luongo, Lenny Wlodarczyk, and Nathan Rogers with jewelry from the Mycelium Collection and Primal Roots line and fashion by Emilie Zagon and John Harris with makeup by Jodie McGuire and masks by Merimask
(Featured in issue 27 of Gorgeous Freaks Magazine)

D o e   S h a m a n / F a w n   N y m p h
Shot by John Harris, the Doe Shaman and Fawn Nymph characters are designed by John Harris and Emilie Zagon to be the defenders of the forest and protectors of nature. The Doe Shaman was shot in two separate shoots, the first featuring Natasha Elaine Horeth, the second featuring Troia Boone. The Fawn Nymph is played by Aryn Fitzgerald. Both characters have latex prosthetics created and applied by John Harris with fashion by John Harris and Emilie Zagon along with accessories by Willis Dudley
(Featured in issue 25 of Gorgeous Freaks Magazine)
M y c e l i u m   C o u p l e
Shot by Shawn Wright with fashion by Sai One and shot at Holiday Valley Resort, this shoot shows the love and beauty held by the Mycelium Collection. 
M y c e l i u m
Shot by John Harris featuring Natasha Elaine, this shoot shows the sophistication and beauty of the Mycelium Collection.

T h e   S c i e n c e   o f   C a ' D i o
Shot by John Harris with makeup by Emilie Zagon featuring characters from the show The Science of Ca'Dio, the story of a mad scientist whose life has gone into chaos. Inspired by Harris' book The True Survivors.

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