JPHii DESIGN has worked on many different types of earrings, including studs, chandeliers, hoops, and even plugs. Custom work is always available, and JPHii DESIGN uses the best materials to ensure safety in every piercing.

Mushroom Plugs
Mother's Day
Onyx Feathers
Mycelium Ice Earrings
Dark Chandeliers
Primal Dream Earrings
Warrior's Ear Cuff
Geared Typewriter
Geared Hoops
Geared Ankhs
Grad Earrings
Amber Feathers
Lena's Third Eye
Lena's Third Eye
The Tao'Ryn's Shields
Reclaimed Vampire Earrings
Reclaimed Blood Earrings
Shaman's Chendeliers
VanCott Earrings
Topaz Nymph Earrings

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November 15, 2019


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